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What Qualifications Does The Special DUI Prosecution Team Have?

The special DUI prosecution team mostly handles DUI cases. Most prosecutors are part of a field or a category. There are prosecutors who handle domestic violence, some who handle drug cases, and others who are part of a misdemeanor team. A vertical prosecutor is part of the grant prosecutors who typically handle felony and misdemeanor DUIs. Most young prosecutors in the district attorney’s office will start their career by handling misdemeanors, which means that they’re prosecuting a lot of DUI cases. In return, they are gaining a lot of DUI law experience. I have rarely seen a grant attorney handling DUIs who is also an experienced felony prosecutor.

Since the specialized grant prosecutors mainly focus on DUI cases, it’s assumed that they are better at handling these types of cases. It’s also a lot easier to prosecute a DUI case than to defend it because there is a lot of science to learn, and a lot of scenarios that need to be factored into a viable defense.

My experience has shown that the grant attorneys are not always the best or most qualified prosecutors in the office. They don’t usually have the experience of seasoned prosecutors who have been working for over 20 years or more. They also have huge caseloads that keep them very busy, which means that they may not get a lot of time to prepare for each case. Since they have so many DUI cases that they’re working on, they may take shortcuts in their preparation. Usually, all they have to do is follow the script and it could be helpful, but it could also hurt. Every case is different.

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