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Oakland Police Officer Arrested On Suspicion Of Driving Under The Influence And Resisting Arrest

PLEASANTON – Alameda County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest of 37-year-old Officer Bryan Budgin who was taken into custody on suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest on Interstate Highway 580 in Dublin Wednesday night.

The officer was going eastbound on Highway 580 at San Ramon Road when he was pulled over and arrested around 11:50 p.m.

A statement released by the Oakland Police Department mentioned that the department “is aware of his arrest.” It is not yet confirmed by officials if Budgin is on active duty or has been placed on administrative leave. However, the department confirmed, “Officer Budgin is currently employed with the Oakland Police Department.”

According to Sheriff’s officials, Budgin’s bail was set at $10,000 and he was booked at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on two misdemeanor counts. He posted bail and was released.

Budgin’s name was present in the list of defendants in a federal civil rights lawsuit, which was filed by Alameda County probation officer Olga Cortez and her husband back in October 2016 for an incident that occurred at their home in Oakland hills on 7th of December 2015. According to the lawsuit, Officer Cullen Faeth assaulted the couple in an attempt to get inside their home while he was under the influence of an intoxicant for which he was charged with four misdemeanor criminal counts.

Before going to Cortez Faeth’s home, Sgt. Joseph Turner and 2 other Oakland officers were consuming alcohol at a bar that was near Cortez’s home, as shown by court documents. The lawsuit was filed by lawyers hired by Cortez, John Burris and Melissa Nold. They also added Budgin’s name in the lawsuit as one of the 2 officers.

In the month of February, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson dismissed Budgin as a defendant in the case in a ruling and said that the offenders were placed on paid leave after the incident.

On Thursday, it was told by Nold that the cops who were involved in that case were “extremely intoxicated” and Budgin was also one of them. According to her, she may succeed in reinstating Budgin as a defendant in the case if she gets proof that he was in Cortez’s home at the time. She also added that she is facing issues in collecting details from the Oakland Police Department.

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