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San Francisco Resident Gets Three Years In Prison For DUI Crash

61-year-old John Donohoe of San Francisco was sentenced to three years in state prison Wednesday for injuring a motorcyclist in a driving under the influence incident that took place in South San Francisco in 2013.

The incident took place on 3 December, 2013 at 11:46 p.m. when an officer observed that Donohoe was turning onto the wrong side of Westborough Boulevard. The officer then saw him heading west in the eastbound lanes before he collided head-on with a motorcycle.

The motorcyclist suffered a broken leg with fractures to the fibula and tibia, whereas his passenger complained of pain in the back and neck.

Upon investigation, Donohoe admitted to having consumed five beers before getting behind the wheel. His tests revealed that he had a blood-alcohol content of at least 0.14 percent, which is almost twice the legal limit.

On 11 September, Donohoe entered a plea of no contest to one count of felony drunk driving causing injury with an added enhancement for great bodily injury.

San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Jonathan Karesh passed the sentence which also includes paying restitution to the victims of the crash.

Donaho’s defense attorney, Majeed Samara, could not be reached for comment immediately.

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