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What Is The New Law Regarding Ignition Interlock Devices (IIDs) That Went Into Effect In California?

California is expanding ignition interlock laws to cover the entire state. For a number of years, California was enforcing ignition interlock requirements on first offense DUI in only four counties. When you got a first offense DUI, you had to get an interlock in order to keep driving. Now, they are extending it to the entire state. There are two different ways it can go. You can either have no license for a month, followed by 11 months of work restricted driving, or get an ignition interlock device installed in your car right away and make sure the DMV has that on file. Either way, you need to be enrolled in DUI School. You would be also have to make sure that your administrative hearing is finished or cancelled in order to get the interlock device.

Always consult with and hire an experienced DUI lawyer in when dealing with this in California. People who have public defenders often don’t deal with the DMV side of their DUI, so they are going quite some time without licenses. This is resulting in a lot of people driving illegally until they get the interlock device or just thinking that they can’t drive for a long time because they can’t figure out what the letters from the DMV mean. It is important to have an experienced DUI lawyer walking you through every step of the way while trying to fight your case and get you the best result possible.

What Exactly Is The Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock is a device that is hooked up to your ignition by a company that is certified by the state of California. You’re required to blow into it before your car will start, once it has read that there is no alcohol in your system. While you’re driving, periodically, it will require you blow into it again to make sure you’re not drinking while you’re driving. During this period, you’re only allowed to drive a vehicle that has the device. If you have multiple vehicles or access to multiple vehicles, you can only be driving the one that has an ignition interlock device in it. If you’re caught driving a car without it, you can be in violation of probation, charged with a new offense, and end up losing your license, going to jail, and paying huge fines.

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