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How Can My DUI Defense Attorney Help Me Get Approved For The IID?

A lawyer can guide you to reputable companies and help you time it so that it coincides with where your case is. Of course, they can also avoid having to ever get an interlock, if they can win the case or get the charges reduced.

What Are the Reasons That Someone Would Be Denied Permission To Drive With An IID Installed?

If someone cannot get an interlock, it usually means that they don’t have proof of high risk insurance on file, they don’t have proof of enrollment in DUI School on file, or their administrative hearing hasn’t been updated. Someone also might have a very old car, where it’s not feasible to have an interlock installed. Keep in mind that if your attorney can win your case or get your charges reduced, you don’t need an interlock.

Are There Any Charges Where The Judge Might Deny Someone The Use Of An IID?

The court does have discretion in whether or not they will allow an interlock. They can deny you the ability to drive with the device, depending on your priors and the detail of your case. Generally, the courts want people to have to get them on their cars because it gives them another way to violate someone on their bail conditions or conditions of probation. In those cases, the fines and penalties are even greater.

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