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Keeping A Journal About Your DUI Arrest In California

After a DUI arrest, make some notes, especially if you start to forget things already. It can be very helpful when you talk to us about what happened. Once I talk to a person, questions I ask will jog other pieces of information already forgotten or not thought of. So much goes on when you get arrested for a DUI.

You are going from driving, to cops pulling you over, to the field sobriety test, to being arrested, to questions and then jail. It is overwhelming emotionally and physically. It is one of the most stressful nights someone will have in their life. It can really put people over the edge.

So when people call me, one of the first things I often do is try to help them calm down and realize that this is not it. This is not the end. We are going to get them through this.

It is a good idea to write things down because, remember, the attorney was not there. The attorney can only defend as well as the information they have. I do not just want to have information from a police report. I want to know what my client remembers.

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