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20-year-old San Francisco woman charged with DUI while having sex in car

According to prosecutors, police took a San Francisco woman into custody on 1st of July as she was caught having sex in the driver’s seat of her car and she was charged for driving under the influence after she drove forward about 20 feet while police were pursuing her car.
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The woman is only 20 years old.

Court documents show that police saw a vehicle parked illegally on 800 block of Geneva Ave. When the cops reached near the car, they saw what looked like a sexual act happening in it. A police officer saw a man on top of a woman in the driver’s seat engaged in “thrusting motions”. The couple noticed the police and immediately stopped. The man hopped off the woman and sat on the front passenger seat. The woman started the car and drove about 20 feet forward as the officer ordered her to stop. The woman, hoping to escape embarrassment and possibly a ticket was unable to do so as the cops chased her car. After driving almost 20 feet, cops succeeded in stopping the car. The incident happened around 10 p.m. on Monday night.

Cops saw bottles of liquor in the car and after investigation, 3 bottles of liquor were found including Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky and MD 20/20 wine, according to the police. The bottles were either empty or nearly empty. The woman was not of legal drinking age and her blood alcohol content level was 0.
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08 percent. She is underage and will have to face underage driving under the influence charges.
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The legal age of drinking is 21. Her driving license will be suspended for 1 year without the ability to apply for a restricted license.

She is facing several misdemeanor charges in relation to the incident that happened on Monday, July 1st.

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