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42-Year-Old Man Arrested For Driving Under The Influence In South San Francisco

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – 42-year-old Yuri Esly Escobar of South San Francisco was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Monday.

According to authorities, Escobar was involved in an incident at 7:30 pm when he crashed his scooter into a residence.
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The solo vehicle collision took place at 100 block of Rockwood Drive.

The police investigation revealed that Escobar was driving under the influence of alcohol. Since he was intoxicated, he lost control of his scooter and crashed into the home.
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A passenger was riding on the back of the scooter with Escobar who was rushed to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
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Escobar was arrested and booked into San Mateo County Jail. He faced a felony driving under the influence charge.

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