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California Lawmaker Arrested For Drunk Driving Hours After Voting to Toughen Regulations on Uber

The Sacramento Bee said that Ben Hueso, a California State Senator who voted for more regulations on ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, was taken into custody on Friday morning for DUI.

He voted in favor of legislation that would make a number of regulations and limit services such as Uber from operating in California.

On Thursday night, Democratic Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian’s Assembly Bill 612 voted. Nazarian’s bill will crack down on the drivers Uber and Lyft let behind the wheel.
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AB612 would need strict background checks for drivers, drug testing of drivers, and a ban on drivers who have committed offenses in the past.

On 21st of August, Hueso voted in favor of AB612 which passed 21 to 11. Uber has been campaigning against bills like Nazarian’s, forcing its users to tell their elected representatives to vote against it.

According to a report by the Sacramento Bee, police saw Hueso driving the wrong way down the street in the wee hours of the morning.

In a statement released by Hueso, a Democrat who represents the San Diego area, he said sorry for the incident caused by him. It was written in the statement:

“I am truly and profoundly sorry for the unacceptably poor personal judgment which I demonstrated last night. As someone who cares deeply about the public safety, I sincerely apologize to my family, my constituents and my colleagues in the Senate for breaching the trust they’ve all placed in me.
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I accept complete personal responsibility for my actions and any punishments that ultimately come my way as a result of this incident. I will also engage in immediate, corrective actions to ensure this kind of personal conduct is never repeated”.

Hueso was issued a field sobriety test which he failed and he was later jailed with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 or higher, which is more than the legal limit of driving. The California Highway Patrol will not release the exact number. On Friday, Hueso was released around noon.

A San-Diego based Taxi Company was owned by Hueso’s brothers, Alfredo Hueso and Jose Antonio Hueso.

Last month, the Washington Post analyzed the data from cities such as San Francisco and Philadelphia that seem to show that the number of driving under the influence arrests reduced after the ride-sharing services began operating there.

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