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Denver-Area Bus Driver Accused Of DUI

DENVER – Darren Pettee (Pet-TEE’), a Denver-area bus driver accused of driving on his route while under the influence of alcohol, is due to appear in court.

He was a contract driver for the Regional Transportation District and was taken into custody on 1st of September after a passenger reported that he ran a stop sign and was driving recklessly.

On Friday, he was again taken into custody after Denver prosecutors said they would file a felony charge of endangering public transportation rather than just a misdemeanor DUI charge. They allege that Pettee has had at least 2 prior DUI offenses.

According to the court documents, his BAC level was almost 3 times the legal limit when he was taken into custody. He told authorities that he thought he had consumed a half gallon of vodka the day prior to his arrest.

He has not commented on the allegations.

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