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Distracted drivers face big fines in South San Francisco

April’s national Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign crackdown on distracted drivers nets 343 violations including cell phone use, texting or talking while driving.

In South San Francisco, don’t use your cell phone while driving a motor vehicle otherwise you will be issued a ticket. According to South San Francisco police, $159 is the cost of a ticket for distracted driving offenses with subsequent tickets costing at least $279.

Enforcement operation began on 1st of April and ended on Tuesday. Traffic officers charged drivers without giving them any warning.

In South San Francisco, national Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign was done in April. According to the police, South San Francisco traffic officers issued 343 moving violations and charged drivers for texting while driving a motor vehicle, using a cell phone without a hands free device, texting or talking on a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle under the age of 18.

In 2011, the number of people killed due to distracted drivers was 3,331.

The Police Department warns drivers not to talk or text on the cell phone while driving. Different studies and researches conducted show that there is not a big difference in the risks between hands-free and hand-held cell phone conversations and both can cause inattention blindness. As a result of inattention blindness, the driver’s brain becomes unable to think and see clearly because the driver’s attention is diverted due to the cell phone conversation and his attention is not on the road and his surroundings. Studies also show that texting or talking on the cell phone while driving can delay a driver’s reaction like a driver driving while intoxicated with a high BAC level.

The police Department advised drivers to put their cell phones out of their reach while driving a motor vehicle in South San Francisco. It is also advised to avoid texting and calling.

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