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Drunk Driving Arrests Down In SF Dramatically, Thanks To Uber

The crime statistics from the San Francisco Police Department given to the Ferenstein Wire showed that only 2 individuals were taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol on the last New Year’s Eve in San Francisco.

The creation of “UberX” which is Uber’s inexpensive service is the reason of the decrease in the drunken driving fatalities all over California and that is showed by data gathered by the new study.

According to Temple University’s Brad Greenwood and Sunil Wattal, the taxi-like options available to the people which are not much expensive make it easy for them to make the good decision and call an Uber for getting back home rather than getting behind the wheel themselves which is not only dangerous for them but also for the other individuals driving on the roadway.

It is said that of the advantages given by Uber in California were provided all across the country, ride-a large amount of money can be saved and the precious lives also.

According to the team, “Economically, results indicate that the entrance of Uber X results in a 3.6%-5.6% decrease in the rate of motor vehicle homicides per quarter in the state of California. With more than 13k deaths occurring nationally each year due to alcohol related car crashes at a cost of 37 billion dollars, results indicate that a complete implementation of Uber X would create a public welfare net of over 1.3 billion to American taxpayers and save roughly 500 lives annually”.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced the negative reaction of the individuals when he proposed to limit the number of ride-sharing cars that can be on the road in New York City but after Uber did a campaign, he agreed.

The campaign also showed that Uber is to get rid of the drivers that get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

in the previous study, Uber had to face issues when it tried to estimate the number of drunk driving fatalities that were decreased with the help of it then Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) collaborated with Uber for a study and the result of the research were much more convincing than MADD was agreeing to admit.

Altered method of statistical analysis is used in the latest study; the author said that “Uber will start hiring in a city if it knows it won’t face overbearing regulation. That decision is often unrelated to other reasons why there might be reductions in drunk-driving accidents, such as a “city’s population, bar scene, and tougher enforcement”.

The data of the estimate of fatalities that happened in San Francisco due to the driving under the influence of alcohol during New Year’s Eve makes it difficult to determine whether Uber was the reason of the decrease in DUI accidents and deaths. It is showed by the latest study that Uber contributed in the rate decrease.

It is proved that Uber and other services like that assisted in saving lives.

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