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Motorcyclist Charged With DUI After Fatal Accident

26-year-old Sean McGinnis was arrested and charged with DUI after he caused a fatal accident at around 9:10 pm on 1 July.

According to police reports, McGinnis crashed into two pedestrians and was charged with felony DUI as one pedestrian died in the crash. The incident took place at the intersection of Third and Market streets.
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San Francisco police Officer Grace Gatpandan reported that McGinnis was booked for several charges including felony DUI alcohol causing bodily injury, felony DUI drugs causing bodily injury and felony vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.
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Both pedestrians and McGinnis were taken to the hospital. One pedestrian, 39-year-old Gregory Ihm of San Francisco, died the next day at 3:05 pm. The second pedestrian lost a few teeth and suffered facial lacerations and pain to the hip and leg areas.

According to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, McGinnis is in custody with his bail set at 0,000.
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