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Out of State Inquiries for DUIs

The first thing we try to do for your out of state drunk driving charge is win your case. Out of state inquiries for DUIs in the Bay Area present a number of unique challenges and problems. The immediate consequences for residents of other states are often similar to those that call California home, except that the arresting officer cannot legally confiscate your license, as that is property of your home state. Like with any other DUI arrest, your driving privileges can be suspended, but this suspension only applies within California, not your home state.

The situation changes after the initial stages of the Bay Area DUI pass. Fortunately, modern judiciary uses a number of creative and innovative ways to attend court hearings and serve almost any punishment handed out by the courts. Some common facts about out of state DUI cases:

  • The fines commonly associated with Bay Area DUIs can be paid from virtually anywhere, and probation is not usually a problem as it can be served in any state.
  • Court-mandated education and treatment is a bit more difficult. It takes a dedicated and experienced Bay Area DUI attorney like Aaron Bortel to arrange for the California courts to accept equivalent courses and treatment from other states.
  • DUI cases can require many court appearances before they are completely resolved.
  • For out-of-state residents facing DUIs in the Bay Area or anywhere in California is you need to know that the California DMV must alert the public safety entity in charge of driving in the driver’s home state of the conviction. What this means is that if you are convicted of DUI or if your license has been suspended in the Bay Area, it may prevent you from renewing your license in your home state.
  • Perhaps the most serious problem facing people accused of out of state drunk driving is that if you do not attend DUI school in California you cannot drive in California. We can help you with these complicated DMV issues and get you back on the road in California and your home state as soon as possible. Aaron Bortel has spent the last over 31 years helping people accused of DUIs throughout the Bay Area, and has extensive experience representing out-of-state drivers and the unique challenges their cases present. Don’t let a second’s error of judgment affect your life any longer than it has to. If your freedom, reputation, and finances are important to you, you owe it to yourself to contact Aaron Bortel today.

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Aaron Bortel
With 30 years of specialized experience in DUI defense, Attorney Aaron Bortel is a dedicated advocate for those facing DUI charges in the Bay Area. Committed to helping clients avoid jail, save their driver’s licenses and jobs, and prevent permanent criminal records, he combines deep legal expertise with genuine care for his client's welfare. Trust in a lawyer who not only defends but truly supports you through challenging times.

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