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San Francisco mother faces felony charges after alleged DUI crash

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – A mother from San Francisco is in a Marin County jail facing felony changes after crashing her vehicle on Thursday into a swamp while driving under the influence with her young son.

California Highway Patrol said that 24-years-old Ashley was driving on North San Pedro Road in San Rafael on Tuesday afternoon with her son who was seven years old when she lost control of her Honda Accord 1997.

According to a witness, the woman was speeding and wound up buried up to the doors of the vehicle in water which was very muddy.

A San Rafael Police cruiser which happened to be on the scene was able to help the son and the woman who was driving under the influence to get out of the car. According to the officers, it appears Anderson never called for help.

Immediately, the CHP officer arrived and Anderson told him that she was from San Francisco and was lost in San Rafael. The officer then conducted a field sobriety check and said that according to the results the woman was intoxicated.

CHP officer Andrew Barclay said, “We have recommended that she be charged for a combination of alcohol and drugs”.

Ian Cohen, who was cycling through the area in the afternoon on Tuesday, said that a boy who was seven years old was surrounded by officers but the mother of the boy was already taken away.

Cohn said, “The cop basically told me that they immediately took the mom out, put her in the back of the cop car, and she just basically passed out and wasn’t even coherent unfortunately.”

According to the officers the boy was not properly restrained and he was sitting illegally on the front seat. In that combination, with a suspected driving under the influence charge, officers arrested Anderson on child endangerment charges as well.

Barclay said, “She lost control, she placed that child in a situation that could have resulted in serious bodily injury”. She also said, “In California if you place a child in that situation it’s a felony charge of child endangerment”.

According to the prosecutors, the woman who was driving under the influence is in jail and could be formally charged in court as early as Friday. The officer told that they are waiting for the result of the lab before proceeding to court.

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