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Statistics For Marijuana And DUI Fatal Crashes By Time Of Day Are Alarmingly Different

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In 2015, Marijuana took the life of 3,100 individuals and most of the accidents happened at a time of day significantly different from the time when motorists drive under the influence of alcohol.

For 11 consecutive days, it was observed that the number of accidents that happened due to the use of Marijuana in the time period starting 6am to 5pm was more than the number of accidents that occurred due to the use of DUI. Accidents that happen as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol mostly occur during the evening when there are fewer motorists on the roadways. The 8 days observation showed that the number of DUI accidents is more than Marijuana accidents between the time period starting from 8pm to 4am.

It is also observed that deadly Marijuana accidents happen almost daily while accidents related to drunk driving happen on weekends mostly.

The percentage of drivers who die due to Marijuana accidents is 73%. It is said that legalization of this drug increased the accident rate by 10%.
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The 4-hour period in which Marijuana accidents happened at their peak was 4 pm to 8 pm during rush hour traffic at the time when employees head back to their homes.

The peak hours for DUI accidents are from 6pm to 10pm and late at night between 11pm to 3am after closing of the bars.

A person can lose his/her senses in just 2 minutes after consuming marijuana whereas an individual has to consume 8 to 9 drinks to reach the limit of 0.18 BAC on which they will be considered super drunk.
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The number of accidents that occur due to Marijuana use are half the number of crashes that occur due to drunk driving, but legalization of Marijuana is increasing the number.
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The percentage of Marijuana accidents is 24% in both recreational use states (CO and WA). The DUI related accidents are 30 percent in both the states.

The main issue with Marijuana related accidents till now was that 38 percent of Marijuana drivers were driving at a high rate of speed and 48% were not occupant restrained. The reason also included that 39% of Marijuana users also consumed alcohol prior to driving, which became the reason of the crash.

Law enforcement requires developing strategies to cope with the emerging issue of marijuana impaired driving, which includes:

  • Early roadside screening with oral swabs and breath testing
  • Issuing standard field sobriety tests at the accident spot to determine driving impairment

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