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Unemployed cabdriver looking to expose injustice

Unemployed cabdriver looking to expose injustice Khalil Jaser, an unemployed cabdriver was sentenced last week for stalking and harassing Brisbane police officers after he was arrested for driving under the influence. Now he is going after the police officers in court and saying that his arrest was illegal, so he wants to take the DUI case to trial to expose the injustice.

In March, Jaser was convicted and after that he called the police officer who arrested him 152 times. He also sent 54 messages over three weeks to him. According to the San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, the cops also received 7 threatening voice mails, including “Boom, you’re dead motherf******”.

On 28th of July, Jaser was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI. He also used his twitter account for harassing and threatening the cops. He posted on his twitter, “Kiss the officer between the eyes,” and, “I am dead serious, you have 24 hours…or else!!”

On Thursday at his sentencing hearing, Jaser said sorry for overreacting on his driving while intoxicated arrest but he also said that he is still not done battling the officers who arrested him. Jaser has yet to be tried for the misdemeanor driving under the influence charge. A pretrial conference is scheduled for 24th of June.

Dan Everett, Jaser’s attorney said that he wants to take the DUI case to trial in order to expose the injustice that the arresting officers have done with Jaser as he said that the arrest was inappropriate and illegal. On Friday, Everett said, “This is a man who never laid a finger on anyone, someone who is just shy of 50 years old with a spotless criminal record until he is approached by the Brisbane Police Department”. Everett also said, “The truth is going to come out”. The courtroom is the proper venue to expose the injustice of cops. He refused to discuss the wrongdoing of cops.

In January, Jaser failed to show up for the start of his jury trail and after that he sent an E-mail to the San Francisco Examiner reporter. He wrote, “You keep smearing me and you’ll be extremely famous in a nice way …ok. I love you”.

Jaser’s ex-wife told on Thursday that Jaser is a good father who gives her and their 2 kids with $100 a week for bills.

Judge Barbara Mallach said that Jaser’s situation is sad but she also said that jail was an appropriate sentence for the serious threats he gave to the police officers.

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