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Driver arrested in suspected DUI crash in San Jose which resulted in the death of passenger

SAN JOSE – Early Monday morning, an accident happened in San Jose in which one person died. According to police reports, the accident happened shortly after a gray-colored Toyota Avalon’s two occupants stole beer from a 7-Eleven store about a mile away. At 2:01 a.m., the incident was reported to the police in the area of Hillsdale and Pearl avenues, near state Highway 87.

Before the accident, the driver of the car, who has not been identified yet, and his passenger had taken some beer from a 7-Eleven store at Branham Lane and Pearl Avenue; they didn’t pay for it and left the store. After that, the driver had been headed south on Pearl driving at high speed. He attempted to turn onto Hillsdale but his car got out of control and crashed into a car that was parked. The crash caused a chain reaction that involved a total of 5 parked cars.

The passenger seated in the Toyota was pinned inside the car and personnel from the San Jose Fire Department had to take him out. He died at the accident spot.

The driver was taken to a hospital for treatment with minor injuries.

Investigators said that maybe alcohol was the main reason of the crash. Police said that it is planned to arrest the driver for misdemeanor and felony DUI, as well as vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Police said that the passenger’s name is being withheld until his family has been notified of his death.

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