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32-Year-Old Facing DUI Charges In Deadly Bay Area Toll Plaza Crash

OAKLAND – On Monday, 32-year-old Daniel Berk was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and 6 counts of felony DUI causing injury as he killed a toll worker on 2nd of December.

The location of the accident was Oakland side of the bay Bridge and 46-year-old Si Si Han died in the accident.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Andrey Gavrilchik, he and another cop went to the accident spot at around 5:11 a.m. Berk was present there who admitted that he was behind the wheel of the white box truck that hit toll booth No. 14. He added that he detected a faint odor of an alcoholic beverage and marijuana emanating from Berk’s person at the scene. He also heard him saying to the paramedics that he was behind the wheel of the truck and he had been drinking an alcoholic beverage as well as smoking marijuana prior to the accident.

It can be seen in the video recorded at the toll plaza that the individual was driving the truck in a reckless manner due to which the accident happened. The truck struck Han who sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to the hospital and died there. Not only Han was thrown on the ground by the collision, but a passenger as well. The passenger was not seriously hurt in the accident and he was also taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

5 other motorists were also involved in the accident and they sustained minor injuries.

It is not known if Berk is still in hospital or arraigned yet, but his name is not in the list of Alameda County sheriff’s inmate locator system which shows that he is not in jail.

Han was born in Burma and she lived with her husband as well as a daughter who is 10-year-old.
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She was working as a Caltrans employee for almost a decade.

According to the relatives of Han, the saddest part about her death was that she was not on her normal duty time. On 2nd of December, she was on job for extra hours in the morning. Her colleague was sick due to which he was not able to work, so she accepted to fill the shift. She went to work almost half an hour before the scheduled time.
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She was at the toll at 5:00 a.m. when she was supposed to be there at 5:30a.m.

Her husband just reached back home from work and “he received the life-changing phone call that his wife had just died.
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Han was said as “a nurturing mother, loving wife, and a caring individual to all.” One of the relatives added, “Her family, friends, and colleagues will forever remember her sweet smile, generosity, and kindness.”

To support the family and for her daughter, the relatives of the dead set up a GoFundMe account to raise money; so the funeral expenses can be paid as well. The goal is to raise $35,000 and $27,372 have been collected yet.

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