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Teenage girl killed by suspected drunk driver in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – According to reports, a 17-year-old Bay Area teenager was killed by a suspected drunk driver. The incident took place late Saturday night when Hanren Chang, a student at Lowell high school, was hit by a car as she was crossing Sloat Boulevard. Many reports regarding the intersection as being very busy and dangerous already came forward but no particular steps were taken. The locals say that the tragedy could have been avoided and a young life could have been saved.

The young girls death left a big impact on the minds of her friends and family. The father of the girl Wenhan Chang told that his daughter was out on Saturday night to celebrate her birthday. When the incident took place, Chang asked the police officer, ‘Did somebody get hit?’ and she said yes. He told her that he is waiting for his daughter to come back.’ Police officer asked his daughters name. Chang told the name of her girl and she replied, ‘she is on the way to San Francisco General Hospital’.

According to police reports, when the girl got off the bus and was crossing the intersection, she was hit by 29-year-old Kieran Brewer. He was arrested at the scene.

According to officer Gordon Shyy, the driver was arrested for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

Chang left great memories among her friends. They remember her as an excellent runner on the track team, a happy person and a good friend. “She always made me laugh and she had this kind of humor. I got her humor and she got my humor,” Sophia Li said.

“She inspires me. I don’t know what else to say. I’m numb right now,” another friend of Chang said.

“I know it will be heartbreaking for a lot of people. I just thought it would be great to come out and pay my respects,” Christopher Gantan said.

It has come to know that the very busy intersection has no spotlights. It is very difficult for the pedestrians as there are crossing signs but no attention ever has been given by cars passing by.
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“They clearly say ‘Stop’ and no one ever stops,” one woman said.

“For the protection of the kids here, something’s got to be done,” Chang said.
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Many of Changs friends and classmates went to the scene of the accident after the incident to place flowers at the intersection where Chang was struck. They all said that they were surprised to see the girl’s father at the place of the accident. He went to warn them of this dangerous intersection. “I just learned it’s my daughter, actually, is a victim here,” Wenhan Chang said.
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San Francisco Supervisor Katie Chang said on Monday that three intersections on Sloat Boulevard will be improved as soon as possible to increase pedestrian safety and eliminate accidents. These include the intersections of Sloat and Everglade, Forrest View, and 23rd Avenue. Moreover, neighbors in the area would like to see a traffic light at the intersection where Hanren was killed.

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