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Weekend DUI Checkpoints net 1 DUI Arrest

DUI checkpoints conducted on Friday and Sunday in San Rafael yielded one DUI arrest , five arrests for driving on a suspended license, one arrest for drug possession and one for an outstanding warrant.

According to San Rafael Sgt. Christopher Coale, checkpoints on Friday and Sunday evening resulted in one drunk driving arrest. These checkpoints are a part of the holiday DUI campaign. The Holiday crackdown on impaired driving began in the mid of December. To decrease the number of DUI-involved accidents, local law enforcement agencies increased patrols during the evenings other than the checkpoints.

A checkpoint was set up by the San Rafael police on Friday at the intersection of Andersen Drive and Gary Place. Coale said that due to heavy rain, the checkpoint was cut short. The checkpoint ran from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and by that time, the number of cars that passed through the checkpoint was recorded at 913. From 913 cars, field sobriety tests were given to 13 drivers and only one was arrested for driving under the influence.

On Sunday, the DUI checkpoint was set up at the intersection of Grand Avenue and East Francisco Boulevard. The number of cars that passed through that checkpoint was 1,172. Field sobriety tests were given to 14 drivers. A man who had marijuana on him was arrested by San Rafael police. A female was also arrested by the police for an outstanding warrant for prostitution in Alameda County. On Friday and Saturday nights, police arrested five drivers, who were driving on a suspended license.

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