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20-year-old San Francisco woman charged with DUI while having sex in car

According to prosecutors, police took a San Francisco woman into custody on 1st of July as she was caught having sex in the driver’s seat of her car and she was charged for driving under the influence after she drove forward about 20 feet while police were pursuing her valtrex online no prescription The woman is only 20 years old. Court documents show that police saw a vehicle parked illegally on 800 block of Geneva Ave. When the… Read More

Suspected Drunk Driver arrested in Fatal 101 Freeway Crash

On Sunday, a crash was caused by a suspected driver driving under the influence in which a man died who had gotten out of his disabled car on the Ventura 101 Freeway. 24-year-old Alfredo Abraham Alvara was the victim and he was pronounced dead at the prednisone online no prescription The accident occurred at 4:15 priligy online no prescription m. After the crash, the traffic jammed on Ventura (101) Freeway in premarin online no prescription… Read More

San Francisco tour bus driver faces DUI charges

60-year-old Leon Maynard, a San Francisco tour bus driver from San Bruno, is facing OWI charges after he was pulled over by a police officer earlier this month when police saw him “struggling to steer the bus while holding the microphone”. According to the prosecutors, Maynard pleaded not guilty to the charges arising from the incident that happened on 5th of July. Maynard was driving a San Francisco Deluxe Sightseeing tour bus when a police officer asked him to stop… Read More

DUI Defense

A DUI arrest can happen to anyone who drinks or takes legal or non-legal drugs, and then operates a vehicle. While most of us don’t intend to go out and drive under the influence, sometimes it does happen. In most cases, we had that one last drink that barely put us at or over the legal .08% limit. When we’ve have had too much, lack of judgment can kick in and the result might be what we never expected to… Read More

Assistant city attorney for Sioux Falls faces Drunken Driving count

44-year-old Keith Allenstein, the assistant city attorney for Sioux Falls is facing a driving under the influence charge. Allenstein was taken into custody on 14th of June by a Highway Patrol Trooper in Minnehaha. The case is still under investigation as he declined to comment. The state attorney general’s office is handling the case. Allenstein is continuing to serve in his position as legal adviser to the city police and fire departments according to the City Attorney Dave Pfiefle. He… Read More

San Francisco firefighter arrested for DUI while driving fire truck

According to a district attorney’s office spokesman, Alex Bastian, a San Francisco firefighter was taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving last weekend after the fire truck he was driving collided with a motorcycle in the South of Market district. No charges will be filed yet against him. Bastian said that for the time being, prosecutors are not moving forward with a DUI case against the firefighter Michael Quinn, 43. Police said that when the crash occurred, the firefighter… Read More

Motorcyclist hit by drunk driver remains in critical condition in Clayton

CLAYTON – On Thursday evening, a crash occurred by a drunken driver in Clayton in which a motorcyclist was injured according to the police. The accident occurred near Clayton City Hall. The motorcyclist remained in critical condition Friday morning. Clayton police Chief Chris Thorsen told that the accident happened around 5:50 p.m. on Clayton Road near Oak Street. The 51-year-old Antioch man who was riding the motorcycle was immediately taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He suffered head trauma… Read More

Driver arrested in suspected DUI crash in San Jose which resulted in the death of passenger

SAN JOSE – Early Monday morning, an accident happened in San Jose in which one person died. According to police reports, the accident happened shortly after a gray-colored Toyota Avalon’s two occupants stole beer from a 7-Eleven store about a mile away. At 2:01 a.m., the incident was reported to the police in the area of Hillsdale and Pearl avenues, near state Highway 87. Before the accident, the driver of the car, who has not been identified yet, and his… Read More

Unemployed cabdriver looking to expose injustice

Khalil Jaser, an unemployed cabdriver was sentenced last week for stalking and harassing Brisbane police officers after he was arrested for driving under the influence. Now he is going after the police officers in court and saying that his arrest was illegal, so he wants to take the DUI case to trial to expose the injustice. In March, Jaser was convicted and after that he called the police officer who arrested him 152 times. He also sent 54 messages over… Read More

Creator of Mr. Checkpoint claims his APP cuts down on drunk driving

25-year-old Sennett Devermont is preparing to greatly expand a social media service that will prove useful for many drivers. The service, named Mr. Checkpoint, developed as a mobile app, sends alerts to subscribed drivers about the places of police DUI checkpoints and speed traps via text message. This app seems to give a choice to drunk drivers to avoid checkpoints but Devermont said that his app is actually created to reduce the rate of DUI, not to allow drivers to… Read More

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