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Criminal Defense Questions and Answers

Q: Can the average citizen get tangled up in organized crime charges or are those typically only brought against well-known members of crime families? A: Anyone can be brought into an organized crime case because that’s how organized crime works. Organized crime itself does not generate any money. Members of organized crime enrich themselves like a parasite. They leech off of legitimate businesses. Typically, the way they do that is they get an otherwise law abiding citizen in a compromising… Read More

A first time DUI conviction in California can cost up to $16,000

According to a calculation of the Automobile Club of Southern California for St. Patrick’s Day partying, a first-time DUI conviction can now cost up to $15,649 in California. In 2011, the expense was 29 percent lower. For teenagers, the penalties are higher. A first-time DUI conviction of an under-age-21 can cost up to $22,492. Steven A. Bloch, the Auto Club’s Senior Researcher said, “It only takes one or two drinks to slow physical and mental skills that affect vision, steering,… Read More

California Highway Patrol officer to be sentenced today in DUI wreck

43-year-old California Highway Patrol officer Doreen Bernice Shaw is scheduled to be sentenced today in Shasta County Superior Court. The 18-year CHP veteran pleaded no-contest in January to felony DUI in connection with a chain-reaction traffic accident. According to her attorney John Kucera of Redding, Shaw could be placed on probation for up to five years and could face another year maximum in jail. Shaw, who is a resident of Redding, entered her no-contest plea before Shasta County Superior Court… Read More

Common Instances of Personal Injuries

Tort, also known as personal injury law, encompasses harm that is done to the body, mind, or property through negligence or recklessness and normally results in health expenses and monetary losses. It is important to know that in this situation, a person can seek legal claims and compensation for the losses and harm that they have sustained. Usually, a personal injury attorney fully understands just how traumatic and devastating an accident is. He or she knows that the cost of… Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer

Almost everyone on the United States uses their car or vehicle to get around, whether to go to work or drive their children to school. And with increasing number of motorists on the road, motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate inevitability. Statistics show that about 6 million accidents occur every year, with an estimated 35,000 deaths reported. The cost of being in an automobile accident can be hard on your finances, which is why most personal injury lawyers advise accident… Read More

Teenage girl killed by suspected drunk driver in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – According to reports, a 17-year-old Bay Area teenager was killed by a suspected drunk driver. The incident took place late Saturday night when Hanren Chang, a student at Lowell high school, was hit by a car as she was crossing Sloat Boulevard. Many reports regarding the intersection as being very busy and dangerous already came forward but no particular steps were taken. The locals say that the tragedy could have been avoided and a young life could… Read More

Napa woman arrested for 6th DUI

A Napa woman was arrested by a California Highway Patrol officer on suspicion of drunk driving. Ixchel Susan Rollins, 45, was driving a BMW on Highway 101 in Petaluma on Friday. According to the Santa Rosa Democrat reports, she was arrested at 2:15 a.m. Marcus Hawkins, a California Highway Patrol officer, told that field sobriety tests were conducted and Rollins failed in them. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license. Records… Read More

Drunken Driver faces worst Valentine’s Day Gift

According to prosecutors, Jordyn Beebe of San Francisco is facing drunken driving charges as she was the passenger of the 1984 BMW that crashed near City College of San Francisco last month. The court records show that the accident happened because Beebe was drunk. She was sitting on the front passenger seat and during an argument with her boyfriend about the way he was driving, she took command of the steering of the car and due to this, the car… Read More

Aunt and Uncle of San Francisco 49er Delanie Walker killed by alleged Drunk Driver

San Francisco 49ers Delanie Walker faces family tragedy hours after losing the Super Bowl SAN FRANCISCO – On Monday morning, San Francisco 49ers tight end Delanie Walker’s aunt and uncle died in a car accident. The accident happened after his aunt and uncle left the Super Bowl in New Orleans. 26-year-old Nechole Thomas was driving under the influence when he hit another vehicle which was carrying Walker’s uncle and aunt. The incident took place in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. According… Read More

Sausalito Woman arrested for Alleged DUI after violating traffic laws

SAUSALITO – 49-year-old Huyen Tran, of Sausalito, was arrested for DUI Thursday after she allegedly violated traffic laws near the police station. The woman was booked into the Marin County vilitra online “ no prescription According to a Sausalito parking enforcement officer, the driver of a Toyota sedan failed to stop at a stop Tretinoin online no prescription The incident took place on Caledonia Street near Johnson Street in Sausalito around 2:30 p.m. Lt. Kurtis Skoog reported… Read More

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